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Thursday, July 16, 2009

health and beauty :An Acne Skin Care Treatment Product That Works

health and beauty :I guess I never thought I would be looking for an acne health and beauty skin care treatment product once had his adolescence behind you? That all associated with teenage acne, but more and more people are suffering from grains in their twenties and thirties. Pregnant women in particular often develop acne due to hormonal changes.

If you had severe acne as a teenager, but had no grain, as you may experience an attack in the period prior to menopause. Once again, the fluctuation of hormone levels are to blame.

But what is acne and how can it be treated? Acne usually appears first during puberty when the sebaceous glands are becoming larger. We are all of these glands produce oil to keep our health and beauty skin supple. These oils must be drained away but sometimes it can be blocked pores.

Pimples are pores that remain open - the air and dirt giving black appearance, hence the name. Some people, even some doctors suggest that you get rid of pimples with extractors or specially developed plaster strips. Although these treatments may work, because it can cause red scars that can be more difficult to treat. Closed pores are blocked whiteheads.

Bacteria that live on our skin feed on materials trapped in these pores causing spots to appear. Some people get a lot of grains, while others receive only a few, but these tend to be large and difficult to treat. The cysts are particularly painful and will probably need health and beauty treatment with oral antibiotics. You should check with your doctor.

So how do you treat acne? If the outbreak is not too severe, then health and beauty treatment can do the trick. You need something to fight the bacteria causing the underlying infection. Look for those containing salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

The problem with acne health and beauty skin care treatment products is that while fighting the grains can also be very harsh on your skin. Over use can lead to skin become inflamed, red and very itchy. It is very important to follow the instructions to us, despite being tempted to put the whole tube at once, with the hope that it works quickly. Been there and done that - I think that only causes more problems.

If you find the over the counter health and beauty treatments do not work, consult your doctor to prescribe a stronger antibiotic creams or oral antibiotics. These antibiotics address the problems of the inner skin and help reduce swelling.

Accutane is a drug used to treat severe acne, but it needs to proceed cautiously, especially if there is a possibility that they may become pregnant. This health and beauty medicine may cause serious birth defects, and most doctors only prescribed to women of childbearing age, if all else has failed and if they agree to use two different forms of contraception.

Some acne health and beauty skin care treatment products that work better than others, but I fear it will be a case of trial and error to find the best for you. -health and beauty

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health and beauty : Home remedies, why will be choosen?

health and beauty - Home remedies have been part of our lives since ancient times and there are now a great movement towards the use and the use of these resources as cures and treatments for all types of health and beauty ailments and diseases.

Then home remedies involve the use of natural elements such as common herbs, fruits, vegetables and other natural resources that are available to us. These natural resources are used because they possess properties that may help treat and affect all types of conditions. Often, the main attraction of these resources is that they do not contain harmful chemicals and produce troubling side effects, which are often associated with modern health and beauty medical treatments and medicines.

For this reason, many people swear by what they can produce themselves with herbs and plants that grow well in their gardens or purchased from the ever expanding and growing, health food stores around us. Healing in the management of health and beauty diseases and conditions such as hypertension, arthritis to acne home remidies have their place not only in the kitchens and cupboards of many who use them, but also in their hearts.

Not only that, a reason given by some that make use of home remedies is that the medical profession has also become overly reliant on the use of certain health and beauty medications, especially antibiotics, which can have a negative effect on the body. Not only are its effects on the immune system, but the overuse of antibiotics has also been seen growth in some super bugs and bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics. Therefore, it is a vicious circle: the bacteria stronger and harder to kill, and antibiotics have increased in strength and power to try to eradicate the bacteria.

Then there is the environmental impact produced by providing health and beauty medical treatment and medicines. For some time there is an understanding of what happens in the production of modern medicines, this may be another reason to turn to resources at home. The land and its resources are scarce and what some can do to reduce their own footprints in the earth, you will.

Home remedies are often the health and beauty treatments of choice for those who believe in treating the whole body against diseases and symptoms alone. For example, if there is arthritis in the body, then a colon cleansing using herbs, fruits and vegetables can be used by someone looking for ways to relieve the pain of arthritis. This is because there is a large school of thought believe that a natural remedy for arthritis can often begin to relieve constipation.

Rest assured that a large majority of resources that start at home, have been tested by many generations who have found to be useful and that is why we have stood the test of time. - health and beauty

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health and beauty : Glycolic Acid Cure Or Cause Acne ?

health and beauty - As acne sufferer, I am sure you may have been told to apply the glycolic acid. Acne is a skin inflammation that causes pimples, blocked pores and irritated skin. To properly treat acne, it is necessary to reduce oil production, accelerating the turnover of skin cells and treat bacterial infection.

Use oil-free preparations for skin health and beauty care will help reduce the oil on your skin, while antibacterial agents such as benzoyl peroxide will be used to fight infection. Glycolic acid can be used to help accelerate the turnover of skin cells. It works by removing the top layer of health and beauty skin is, helps remove dead skin from the upper layer of the epidermis.

Not surprisingly, the glycolic acid is used as an exfoliating skin. Concentrated glycolic acid is used as an agent of rust removal by various industries. Obviously, the strength of the acids that are applied to the health and beauty skin would be much less, usually less than 10%, but maybe you can see why some doctors are concerned about patients with glycolic acid in particular at home.

Some forms of acne should not be treated by exfoliating. If you suffer with pustules, exfoliating can open them and spread the infection around his face. In addition to causing the spread of acne, you also increase your pain and discomfort.

If you suffer from acne rosacea, which is not actually acne despite its name, an appropriately qualified dermatologist recommended against this health and beauty face skin treatment.

You get better results if you treat your acne holistically, and not just individual grains. Many of us only focus on getting rid of the rash, but they spend their lives doing this if you do not first find out the cause.

If your acne has only appeared recently examining cosmetics you are currently using. Have you tried a new range of skin care or other shampoo?

Have you started your periods or you may enter menopause? Could you be pregnant? His doctor has put you on a contraceptive? Acne has been related to the hormones for years to everything that affects your hormone levels can cause acne.

Are you stressed? Drinking too much? Eating too much fast food? You can not get acne from eating too many chips, but if your diet lacks specific vitamins and minerals, your skin will be one of the leading causes.

Try to treat your acne with a mild cleanser and warm water twice a day. Keep your skin as clean as possible, but not too much as this may cause irritation. Use products that are suitable for your health and beauty skin type.

If your acne or scars that can cause you are causing distress or anxiety, check with your doctor to refer you to a dermatologist. He or she will be able to give advice on various treatments to help reduce scarring. You can recommend a glycolic acid to cure acne, if you think that will help control your skin problems. - health and beauty

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